It’s High Time to Rethink Your Modern SEO Practices

Without a shadow of a doubt, SEO has drastically changed over the years and continues to evolve. What was simply about optimising websites for search engines a few years back now concerns more with user experiences.

With modern SEO taking over the conventional way of optimising websites, the practices that used to work well for your website traffic and search engine ranking may no longer be effective.

The only way to deal with this revolutionizing SEO environment is to approach it as an opportunity to improve your SEO practices for better results and return on investment.

So, here we have three modern SEO practices that will help your business gain profitable traffic and not just a high ranking.

· Focus on local optimisation

Local SEO is an effective way to market your business amidst local audiences. People tend to look for services and related information (required to connect with them) within their locality. By establishing a local search presence, you can make your business found by local buyers right when they’re looking for the type of products or services you sell.

· Keep customers in mind when optimizing keywords

People turn to Google to find answers to their queries. The content on your website should reflect keywords that relate to those queries and their apt answers.

When selecting keywords, think about people who would use those keywords to type their query on Google. Researching and optimizing keywords can be a tedious process, but remains an essential aspect of effective SEO.

· Drive social influence

It’s almost impossible to imagine SEO without social media today. What is being shared and talked about your business on popular social networks largely affect your search engine rankings.

Establish a positive yet active presence on social media channels like Facebook and twitter to keep your audiences informed about your business updates as well as get more new people to know about your business.

The Takeaway

SEO is changing every now and then. Updates are released by Google from time to time for businesses to improve the quality of their traffic and search results. Staying in synch with the latest updates and practices will allow you to market to your targeted audiences better and make your website more user-friendly.

To leverage the changing SEO environment and technology, hire a professional Magento developer in Sydney who can help you not only build a well-optimised ecommerce website but also utilise Google’s ever-changing algorithms to your advantage.



If you have a business and your target audience is web-based, then considering a mobile application is a one-stop solution. Getting a business application serves not only for your purpose but it drives more and more people towards your product or service. With the ever-growing e-Commerce market, having a web-presence is something of supreme importance. Mobile apps offer a convenient way to browse and shop in hassle-free allowing customers to make purchases from anywhere, he said.

For businesses especially those who wish to mark their presence on ecommerce landscape, mobile applications serve a number of benefits:

Amplified Online Sales— Since more than 70% of individuals use internet on a daily basis, it’s more likely that they search for a product or service on the web being in their comfort zone. A useful mobile app can facilitate an escalated purchase decision which leads to increase in online sales. Moreover, if a person makes a physical purchase and wants to avail after sales services using the mobile application, then that individual will develop faith in your services. This is most likely to make that person and people surrounding him/her your long time customers.

Improved customer-company relations— a mobile application has a constant presence on your customer’s phone. They see it every now and then and if required they scroll through the listed products. An application can give easy access to information, on-going offers, discounts and product launches to its users. With the notification features keep popping up, it’s also possible for you to greet them with festival wishes or birthday greetings.

Some people don’t feel the need of having a mobile app for their business; they feel that a website will suffice their needs. However, if they carry out a customer-based survey and come up with a requirement then they must consider the change. By getting a mobile application for business, you not only make things easier for yourself but also for the valuable customers.

If you are looking forward for a change, consider Android or iPhone Applications Development from a renowned organization who can pull off things the way it suits your business requirements.

Here’s How Custom Web Development is a Recipe for Business Growth

Custom web development ensures you website has everything that is needed for your customers to have a great user experience and the best out of your services.

It is key to online success for businesses irrespective of their size and nature.

Stated below are factors that explain how a custom website gives your business a competitive edge over other businesses operating online.

A Website that is Just Yours

There is sure an abundance of captivating templates on the web that will have you thinking they’re an ideal fit for your business website.

But what a custom web design has to it can’t be compared to any cookie cutter template.

Custom web development gives you complete control over the design of your website. This allows you to create a unique business identity for your audience to recognize your brand in the crowd.

You Are the One to Call the Shots

Probably the best part about custom web development is that the one with the business gets to decide what he wants to be on the website and what he doesn’t.

The involvement of the business owner is not just encouraged, but it is a requisite for a custom website. All important decisions around the design and interface of the website are made by the website owner.

You don’t like the design, ask for changes to be made. You can totally ask to remove any part you don’t like. And that’s not a possibility only when you’re into a DIY undertaking but even the outsourced web development services in India come with that advantage of client involvement.

Branding Made Easier

A website template certainly allows room for branding. But wouldn’t things be easier if have a website already tailored to represent your brand.

A custom design makes your website look more professional and exactly like your business which makes your website stand out and be distinguishable to the customers. In the long run, your custom website attains a magnetic property that lure more prospects to your business.

Shouldn’t custom websites be a must-have for all businesses? These pointers above prove how custom web development remains an inevitable asset for businesses.

So, next time you’re thinking about a responsive web design or fluid layout, consider custom approach first and everything else will fall in place.


Despite of being considered as one of the most complicated open source ecommerce platform, Magento is the most widely used for website design and development in web today’s web environment.

When compared with other alternatives, Magento is perhaps more capable in all aspects, be it SEO friendliness, simplified user capabilities or modifications and customizations. It provides a simpler way to carry out the automation of orders and shipment details through easy integrations with several gateways. Hence, managing shipments, up-sell, vouchers and coupons and visual implementations on the web presence gets easier with Magento.



But with such endless possibilities comes extreme complexities, which if not addressed can become a big hurdle in your day-to-day business. If you are not hiring a certified Magento specialist who can effortlessly set up and operate your online stone, then you might find yourself stagnated in the same place. A certified developer can provide the much needed acceleration for your business through simplified usage of Magento features. However, if you are not a newbie to ecommerce management then this open source platform is generally straightforward. But, the portability services are usually done by Magento experts who have in-depth knowledge about the subject.

Here are few focal points to be considered before hiring an ideal Magento Specialist:

  • It’s important to understand if a Magento expert is ready to be associated with you or your organization for a long term.
  • Get to know if the Magento expert is certified or not. You can find information about certified Magento developers in Magento Certification directory.
  • Analyze if you should hire a freelancer or an agency. Agencies have multiple brains working together on a project. Hence, the chances of getting the exact results are much higher when you hire an agency.
  • Go through the previous projects and know if you are getting services for what you are paying. You don’t really need to hire the most expensive specialists in the industry, but rather appointing someone with extensive knowledge will serve the purpose.
  • Finally, ask if the specialist can provide for extra services like portal management, web designing and Content Writing Services in India.

So finding certified Magento developers is just the beginning of your ecommerce journey, it is the most crucial step which is going to impact your business for years to come. Hence, associate yourself with experts who can get the ball rolling and pull off effective ecommerce development for your business.

Here’s What You’re Missing Out on When Attracting Local Customers?

What can be better than offering your local search traffic and potential customer’s information about your products, services and geographical location just when they’re on a quest for local online sellers?

Google places optimization has evolved as an effective tool for marketers, particularly small business owners to increase their online visibility and drive more sales.
However, it can be a bit intricate to optimise your business for local traffic and customers. There’s much more in local SEO than directory listings that must be ensured in order to get maximum local search traffic, things that marketers often overlook when optimising for local traffic but never should.

Consistency and accuracy in online listings

Most local businesses known that getting found and listed on local search directories and apps is important but only a small portion of these businesses make time to update their online listings.
Local directories and search engines need precise and updated data to validate your local business presence. To get optimal results from your local SEO, the details you provide should be not only accurate but consistent across all local directories.

Vital Info to be Included in Local Listing

Another often overlooked aspect when creating a local listing is inclusion of every bit of valuable information. It may be easy to get listed in local directories but filling out these directories with important information is what make the real difference.

Consumers searching for a local listing look for info beyond name, address and phone number. They seek website address, ratings or reviews, hours of operation, proximity to company location and more. Be sure to fill out directories to their maximum potential to get the most out of your Google Places Optimization.


Local SEO when done properly can work wonders for local businesses striving to improve visibility, traffic and sales. When at it, make sure you’re not missing out on any of the abovementioned things that contribute to successful local SEO.

Practices You Have Been Doing in The Name of Social Media Optimisation But Are Plain No Go

Social media optimisation (SMO) has the potential to strengthen your brand’s online presence as well as customer base, when done properly.

But the tragedy is many online marketers wind up just setting a Facebook page or Twitter profile while failing to realise the authentic marketing techniques that make a difference.

Effective SMO is about taking a strategic approach toward your social media presence and reputation. It involves building a well-informed social media plan that aims at connecting with the target audience, reinforcing brand and improving online visibility.

While being an online marketer you’ll come across hundreds and thousands of techniques that help you manage your social media presence, you seldom know what “not to do” and what can do more harm than good to your online presence.

So, here we have three common don’ts (unproductive practices) that undermine your social media strategy and you should strictly avoid.

Don’t ignore the audience

This should be the last thing you want to do for your social media marketing. If you want to be listened by your audience you must listen to them first. Know what customers are saying about your brand and products/services on social media. Reply to their comments and address their queries or issues promptly.

Don’t mislead to succeed

Creating fake profiles or personas on social media and sharing false information with the people can take a heavy toll when people eventually realise you’re faking. Create trust instead by building positive relationships with your constant engagement and firm commitment.

Don’t go too clingy

For the sake of promoting their brand, some marketers focus too much on self-advertising ending up irritating their own prospects and customers. Whatever content including images, audios and videos you post on social media, make sure it is optimised to suit your audience’s interest. Your posts should be something relevant, something people are looking for as that’s the only way they would connect.
What do we know? What have we learnt?

When it comes to building and implementing a promising social media strategy, marketers must look beyond positive tactics and to practices that should do away with. And this is why professional social media consulting is necessary for marketers to ensure they are executing the right practices to build up a strong social media presence.

Content Marketing Tactics: How Does an Adept Marketer Treat Content?

How do your potential customers form their perception about your brand? What is it that shapes your prospect’s decision before they even see your products? How do you convey your brand message and values to your targeted audience?

Did you answer “content” to all these questions? Sure, it is. As the saying goes in the online marketing realm; “Content is king”, it is no surprise that content marketing is gaining in popularity as an indispensable aspect of internet marketing.

Content, whether in the form of blog posts or website copy, not only provides information people are looking for but it also nurtures a buyer’s purchase decision by inspiring them to form a relationship with the brand. It is a vital means of communicating brand messages and educating your audience about your products, services and everything in between.

However, only the well-written, effective content contributes to the formation of seamless customer experiences and marketing success. While most marketers and internet marketing services focus more on attracting prospects and less on quality and relevance of the content, an experienced marketer does the trick by following a strategic content marketing approach.

Want to know how do they do it? Here is what fine marketers do with their content so as to induce their potential customers into converting.

Optimising content

Content is a powerful tool marketers can use to influence their audiences, their decisions. Your content can be what your prospects are looking for, what can convert them into valuable customers and it can probably be the answer to all their queries. But, if that audience can’t find your content in top search engine results, it’s just an insignificant piece of text occupying invaluable space on the web. This is when SEO comes into play.

A good marketer would integrate SEO into their content so that it shows up in top search engine results page (SERP). Well, it doesn’t mean you have to be a hard-core SEO whizz. You just need to bake some relevant, targeted keywords into your web copy to help it get found easily on the web.

Extending your reach

It’s not just Google where your audience could be searching for required information. But, social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are being largely seen as a source of shared information. Sharing on social media boosts the possibility of bringing tons of traffic to your content while promoting that brand itself.

To reach a broader audience on social media, ensure the quality of your content, making it worth sharing. Also, make sure your post is easy to share by placing clear, perceptible social media sharing buttons across the content where it can be easily noticed.

Apart from content optimisation and amplification, it is important to understand the marketing aspect and value of content in order to fall in the category of “great marketer”. Furthermore, one can look up for content marketing tactics and tips made available on the web by experts itself to learn some good content development skills.