Know The Things Which Matter The Most For Website Design And Development!!

We have developed the best web practice over a period of time and have been successful in creating responsive websites as well as creating interfaces for mobile applications. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that, Website design & development in India is not just implementation of the biggest trends, but it’s more a user experience designing.

Website Design and Development

What Are The Small Things Which Contribute The Most To Deliver The Best User Experience?

Testimonials- For establishing trust and relationship, testimonials play a very important role to encourage visitors, which further leads to a purchase, filling a form or maybe a sign-up. What important is to know where these testimonials are placed on your website? Ask your designer to give you a preview using different themes.

Adaptive Website Design– Why to stick-up on the responsive web design when you can have something better? An adaptive website design for your online store will help your customers to open the desktop website on their mobile phones for better browsing and to shop on the go. The AWD (Adaptive Website Design) is almost 40% faster than RWD (Responsive Website Design).

Building apps using HTML5HTML5 development aims at determining which technologies are useful for the application you need. Audio & Video Support, Autofocus, Preloading Videos, Detecting support for Attributes and many more features makes the use of HTML5 very useful in terms of customer satisfaction and easy accessibility.

Readable Content– Of course, too much of information can be daunting, hence the write-up on your website must be point-to-point and welcoming. The informative stuff should be there on the homepage itself and the customers must know what your website is about.

Use of Icons, Graphics and Colours- An attractive company logo with specific colour and fonts that makes the website look for interactive. Whereas, icons and graphics are helpful for branding purpose, the use of icons and colours basically depends upon the designers, whether they are making use of in-house or open source icons.

So far 2015 has been very promising with the technological advancements for website design & development in India, for the eStore owners it’s important to buckle up and keep accepting the upcoming trends.