Here’s What You’re Missing Out on When Attracting Local Customers?

What can be better than offering your local search traffic and potential customer’s information about your products, services and geographical location just when they’re on a quest for local online sellers?

Google places optimization has evolved as an effective tool for marketers, particularly small business owners to increase their online visibility and drive more sales.
However, it can be a bit intricate to optimise your business for local traffic and customers. There’s much more in local SEO than directory listings that must be ensured in order to get maximum local search traffic, things that marketers often overlook when optimising for local traffic but never should.

Consistency and accuracy in online listings

Most local businesses known that getting found and listed on local search directories and apps is important but only a small portion of these businesses make time to update their online listings.
Local directories and search engines need precise and updated data to validate your local business presence. To get optimal results from your local SEO, the details you provide should be not only accurate but consistent across all local directories.

Vital Info to be Included in Local Listing

Another often overlooked aspect when creating a local listing is inclusion of every bit of valuable information. It may be easy to get listed in local directories but filling out these directories with important information is what make the real difference.

Consumers searching for a local listing look for info beyond name, address and phone number. They seek website address, ratings or reviews, hours of operation, proximity to company location and more. Be sure to fill out directories to their maximum potential to get the most out of your Google Places Optimization.


Local SEO when done properly can work wonders for local businesses striving to improve visibility, traffic and sales. When at it, make sure you’re not missing out on any of the abovementioned things that contribute to successful local SEO.


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