Expand Your Business Operations with Zend Framework

To benefit from advanced apps and high-tech websites, you need a good platform, one that’s loaded with features and follows a result-oriented approach. Zend is one such platform. It’s based on PHP, and if used the right way, can give your e-store a competitive edge. Here are certain noteworthy features of Zend:

  • It’s a boon for the developers:
    • Base layer to avoid wasting of time in defining a class
    • Simple access control for authentication/authorisation
    • Search-engine-friendly URLs
    • Productivity-enhancing components like RAD, Model-View-Controller (MVC) etc.
    • Support for multiple languages
    • Reliable platform for carrying operations using HTML, AJAX, MySQL, and jQuery
    • Easy creation of modules for wish-list notifications and banners
    • Seamless implementation of GDS & MLS data integration
  • It can be used in different sectors:
    • Being flexible in nature, Zend development in India can be undertaken for sectors like:


  • It can be used to create an e-store or a regular website that:
    • Meets your individual requirements
    • Uses Oracle, MySQL etc. for a modern database and backend solutions
    • Addresses the shipping system issues, if any

So, if you are keen on making your online portal a success, hire Zend developers in India at your earliest convenience. After all, if Zend can make difficult tasks like retrieving logic and grabbing data a cakewalk, imagine what it can do for your e-business.