4 Mistakes that Are Making Your Responsive Web Design Absolutely Unresponsive

Whether you’re an ecommerce store or a company with your own business website or blogger with a well-designed travel blog, being accessible and scalable on popular, if not all, devices.

Responsive web design has gained much popularity with the emergence of smartphones, tablets, iPads and other advanced mobile devices with diverse screen sizes and resolutions. However, contrary to what many designers and online business individuals think, responsive website development services isn’t only about intriguing layouts, trendy templates and up-to-date content. The approach focuses around providing users with a uniform experience regardless of the device being used to access the web.

While some businesses manage to get the most out of their responsive approach and create adaptive user experiences, others happen to drop the ball on various points. With that said, here are a few frequently made mistakes that absolutely reverse the effect of your responsive website development approach.

Mistake #1 – Assuming Layout is the King

Assuming that a responsive design is limited to layout changes is the most common mistake made by business owners. No doubt, design is a big driving factor here, but basing all your responsive efforts on fitting a layout into a mobile screen just won’t help. To create an exceptional user experience, focus on the facilities that the device offers as well.

Mistake #2 – Hiding Web Content

Given the very limited space to work with the images and page content on a mobile device, we often tend to hide content in order to make the design fit a smaller screen, which affects not only the SEO performance but also the site speed and hence, the user experience.

Mistake #3 – Thinking Desktop in the First Place

What most design professionals don’t realise is thinking desktop-first backfires most of the times. Developing a desktop website first and then adjusting its content into a mobile-friendly web design can give designers a whole lot of work that can consume more than expected time. Starting from the smaller screen and scaling up to the larger screen, on the other hand, would help foresee the potential issues that may crop up in the future.

Mistake #4 – Pushing Your Fine Web Design into a Responsive Framework

Even the professional web development companies and professionals sometimes make a mistake of squeezing a beautiful existing design into a responsive one, which turns out to be both complicated and expensive. What’s a better way out in most cases is rebuilding the website from scratch. Alternatively, you could go for responsive templates designed to adapt to different screen sizes and resolutions.


Responsive Web Design — Let Your Customers Engage With the Business

In the world of business, you have to stay ahead in the cut-throat competition. The constant changes in the technology engage more and more users towards a better and comfortable mode of business. What users want is easy accessibility to things they want, so using their mobile phones to make a purchase is what they find convenient. Hence, catering to that audience requires websites that works on a desktop computers as well as mobile phones.

But, maintaining two websites at a time is a daunting task; moreover it is uncertain about some new technology that might affect your business operations in the future? Well to address everything, adopting a responsive web design for your web-based business is the ultimate solution. These responsive websites are like liquids, they adjust according to the shape of the browser. With such a design, you can reveal the burden to maintain several websites from your shoulder and get a common solution to it.

The Future is Mobile

As a matter of fact, 85% of people believe that a mobile site is more convenient than a desktop one.

  • According to the latest Google update on Search Engine Optimization, it was suggested all the online retailers to upgrade to a responsive web design in order to avail maximum benefits of SEO. Additionally, the content on the responsive website is much easier for the users to share rather than sharing on a separate mobile website.

  • Using separate websites for mobile and desktop means managing separate SEO campaign for each. Optimizing keywords that are more likely to be searched by users works better on a responsive website, as it provides better user experience for navigation and simplified browsing.

  • The users don’t have to fool around zooming and shrinking images; they can simply use the responsive design to perform easily just the way they use a desktop website. This will minimize the risk of customers getting frustrated and bouncing to another service provider.

Hence, better user experience will get you better traffic, which will further lead to sales. So, if you are looking for a company that can provide you a robust responsive web design in India then it will help you to set better marketing strategies and achieve a lot more than before.

Magneto 2.0 —Dependency Your Business Might Need

Migrating from world’s number one e-Commerce platform (Magneto 1.9) to its higher version (Magento2.0) has to be considered in present e-Commerce environment. Some people might think that this is going to be very hectic, and zillions of questions might arise in their minds. What about the contacts? What about the flexibility? What about the payment options? etc.

Well this migration is easy and must be considered as Magneto has come up with a bag full of new features for your online store. The migration to Magneto 2.0 involves four basic components:

  • Data
  • Extensions
  • Themes
  • Customisations

A Magneto expert will implement the new changes on your e-shop and you would be thrilled to see the improvements being made. So let’s see what’s new in store:

  • The Magneto 2.0 has incorporated the data migration tool in such a way that will effectively help you to port all the key products, customer data along with the store configurations.
  • Creating reliable shopping experience for your customers would also be possible with Magneto 2.0 themes and customisation. Online merchants can now break the barrier of not being presentable enough.
  • The changes being made on the new platform are very positive, it gives a new transition to your business. Everything is stacked under the app structure and every module has its very unique View Dictionary which will give easy access to the templates. However, this will not going to affect the website functionality.
  • The Magneto UI Library is something more unique about this upgradation, this will help you to simplify frontend theme development and customisation process.

This update from magneto 1.9 to Magneto 2.0 depends upon the website design and how you have actually built it. A large merchandising scope and more product entries would enable you to plan the budget and timelines effectively. So, if you are looking for Magneto migration services, you can have a word with a certified expert who would guide you thoroughly.

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Responsive Websites and Mobile Applications—Solutions That Seems To Work For Your Online Business

If you’ve been working as an online retailer for a past couple of years, then you must be aware of the fact that designs and a fixed interface of your e-Store on a wide screen is not really enough. Most of the buyers use their smart phones or tablets instead of desktop computers or the laptop. Hence, getting a website that looks good in all sorts of devices is mandatory to maintain the website traffic.

More than 67% of customers choose a different service provider if they feel uncomfortable with the website speed and n  avigation. To to control the bounce rate, you need a responsive website which can effectively fit in a smart phone/tablets screen.


The problem arises when some or the other newly launched products occupy the market and the website owners go clueless about what to do. However, with a Responsive web development, this issue can also be addressed. The responsive websites are flexible like liquid, it adjusts itself as per the screen size. Another problem an online entrepreneur face, this is when someone tries to open a mobile website on a 1900X1200 screen, obviously the images will pixelate and appear to be very ugly. Therefore, having one common website that serves for all modes is a wise decision indeed.


Talking about mobile phone applications , if you are reaching the targeted sales and slowly creating a brand identity then getting a mobile phone application designed will be very convenient. Your customers can easily access through the products and place orders using the app. The mobile space is so fresh that trends are constantly shifting and new insights are being created every day.

So, give another tribute to your valuable website and loyal customers, by getting an app in which you can definitely add certain volatile features like free online book and job listings.

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Rule the Web by Publishing Keyword Targeted Articles!!

Article writing in India is perhaps one of the most underutilised resources in the digital marketing landscape. Those who are running e-Stores, owning a valuable flow of blogs and articles has a tangible welfare. These are very important source of information, but apart from reaching out the people in informative way, the write-ups also play a significant role in maintaining the website traffic. The potential buyers read the information and then move further for a purchase; of course the content shouldn’t be unattractive and less informative. It should define the brand voice in a very convincing manner.

It is also very crucial to get among the top Google listings without a content which targets the required keyword. Hence, it won’t be wrong to say that articles and blogs contribute to your digital profile by increasing the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) value. Keeping millions of readers throughout the world, many companies have started using best article writing as a way to create engaging yet fresh content in order to attract and retain the customers. Getting good reads however depends upon how the content is published and how it is being marketed. Apart from blogging and article writing, there are other areas of concern where you must need to excel in this cut-throat competition:

  • Press Releases
  • Local Listings
  • E-Books and E-courses
  • Email Marketing
  • Newsletters and Product Descriptions
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Listicles and Photo Essays


Quality is the utmost priority; everything is prepared then edited by writing professionals known for their own may of writing. How to use these resources to set a broader digital marketing strategy is important. To get the best possible SEO effects when used, the content shouldn’t only be attractive and qualitative for the readers, but it should also be original and keyword rich.

Whether you’re building a fresh website from scratch or getting your old website revamped. You might not be aware of the type of content you really need to achieve your entrepreneurial goals. Hence, to get the high quality article writing services in India, get in touch with the professionals who possess impressive knowledge and experience in this field.

Make the Best of Local SEO Services for the Much Needed Growth

We all keep looking for promoting our business and services, we then tend to adapt the tactics when they really work out in a positive way. In this era, internet plays the most important role if we talk about reaching the local audience. Well, if your online marketing budget is well spent and the solutions for online marketing are well planned, then you don’t really need to spend any more time worrying about promotional activities and getting your business found online.

Local SEO Services

Play Smart and Know What Will Benefit You More

The greatest difference between SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and Local SEO lies in the end result, the Local SEO is focussed more on keywords which are regionally specific, this gives you an idea about whom to target and where to target, and this involves a transparency with Google Analytics as well. So, in order to get maximal traffic, qualified leads and the much needed exposure for companies having physical location(s), availing Local SEO services is a wise move.

Undoubtedly the search engine marketing landscape has transformed in last few years, in this makeover PPC Services (pay per click) played a very crucial role in attaining traffic and visitors on websites. PPC creates an opportunity for you to be listed at the top in a Google search and also to appear on relevant partner websites.

Have A Goal Oriented Approach

Even the leading eCommerce companies (Flipkart, Amazon, eBay etc.) are also making the best of PPC services, and why now who wouldn’t want a concrete return on investment which is 300 times or even more? Yeah, you are likely to benefit the same with the help of PPC advertising, although it requires a steady budget for online marketing.

To cut the long story short, if you are willing to bring out such changes and dedicate your budget towards the relevant traffic, look for the best PPC services in India and see how things change positively.

Know The Things Which Matter The Most For Website Design And Development!!

We have developed the best web practice over a period of time and have been successful in creating responsive websites as well as creating interfaces for mobile applications. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that, Website design & development in India is not just implementation of the biggest trends, but it’s more a user experience designing.

Website Design and Development

What Are The Small Things Which Contribute The Most To Deliver The Best User Experience?

Testimonials- For establishing trust and relationship, testimonials play a very important role to encourage visitors, which further leads to a purchase, filling a form or maybe a sign-up. What important is to know where these testimonials are placed on your website? Ask your designer to give you a preview using different themes.

Adaptive Website Design– Why to stick-up on the responsive web design when you can have something better? An adaptive website design for your online store will help your customers to open the desktop website on their mobile phones for better browsing and to shop on the go. The AWD (Adaptive Website Design) is almost 40% faster than RWD (Responsive Website Design).

Building apps using HTML5HTML5 development aims at determining which technologies are useful for the application you need. Audio & Video Support, Autofocus, Preloading Videos, Detecting support for Attributes and many more features makes the use of HTML5 very useful in terms of customer satisfaction and easy accessibility.

Readable Content– Of course, too much of information can be daunting, hence the write-up on your website must be point-to-point and welcoming. The informative stuff should be there on the homepage itself and the customers must know what your website is about.

Use of Icons, Graphics and Colours- An attractive company logo with specific colour and fonts that makes the website look for interactive. Whereas, icons and graphics are helpful for branding purpose, the use of icons and colours basically depends upon the designers, whether they are making use of in-house or open source icons.

So far 2015 has been very promising with the technological advancements for website design & development in India, for the eStore owners it’s important to buckle up and keep accepting the upcoming trends.