Practices You Have Been Doing in The Name of Social Media Optimisation But Are Plain No Go

Social media optimisation (SMO) has the potential to strengthen your brand’s online presence as well as customer base, when done properly.

But the tragedy is many online marketers wind up just setting a Facebook page or Twitter profile while failing to realise the authentic marketing techniques that make a difference.

Effective SMO is about taking a strategic approach toward your social media presence and reputation. It involves building a well-informed social media plan that aims at connecting with the target audience, reinforcing brand and improving online visibility.

While being an online marketer you’ll come across hundreds and thousands of techniques that help you manage your social media presence, you seldom know what “not to do” and what can do more harm than good to your online presence.

So, here we have three common don’ts (unproductive practices) that undermine your social media strategy and you should strictly avoid.

Don’t ignore the audience

This should be the last thing you want to do for your social media marketing. If you want to be listened by your audience you must listen to them first. Know what customers are saying about your brand and products/services on social media. Reply to their comments and address their queries or issues promptly.

Don’t mislead to succeed

Creating fake profiles or personas on social media and sharing false information with the people can take a heavy toll when people eventually realise you’re faking. Create trust instead by building positive relationships with your constant engagement and firm commitment.

Don’t go too clingy

For the sake of promoting their brand, some marketers focus too much on self-advertising ending up irritating their own prospects and customers. Whatever content including images, audios and videos you post on social media, make sure it is optimised to suit your audience’s interest. Your posts should be something relevant, something people are looking for as that’s the only way they would connect.
What do we know? What have we learnt?

When it comes to building and implementing a promising social media strategy, marketers must look beyond positive tactics and to practices that should do away with. And this is why professional social media consulting is necessary for marketers to ensure they are executing the right practices to build up a strong social media presence.