Magneto 2.0 —Dependency Your Business Might Need

Migrating from world’s number one e-Commerce platform (Magneto 1.9) to its higher version (Magento2.0) has to be considered in present e-Commerce environment. Some people might think that this is going to be very hectic, and zillions of questions might arise in their minds. What about the contacts? What about the flexibility? What about the payment options? etc.

Well this migration is easy and must be considered as Magneto has come up with a bag full of new features for your online store. The migration to Magneto 2.0 involves four basic components:

  • Data
  • Extensions
  • Themes
  • Customisations

A Magneto expert will implement the new changes on your e-shop and you would be thrilled to see the improvements being made. So let’s see what’s new in store:

  • The Magneto 2.0 has incorporated the data migration tool in such a way that will effectively help you to port all the key products, customer data along with the store configurations.
  • Creating reliable shopping experience for your customers would also be possible with Magneto 2.0 themes and customisation. Online merchants can now break the barrier of not being presentable enough.
  • The changes being made on the new platform are very positive, it gives a new transition to your business. Everything is stacked under the app structure and every module has its very unique View Dictionary which will give easy access to the templates. However, this will not going to affect the website functionality.
  • The Magneto UI Library is something more unique about this upgradation, this will help you to simplify frontend theme development and customisation process.

This update from magneto 1.9 to Magneto 2.0 depends upon the website design and how you have actually built it. A large merchandising scope and more product entries would enable you to plan the budget and timelines effectively. So, if you are looking for Magneto migration services, you can have a word with a certified expert who would guide you thoroughly.

Get this cutting edge, feature rich ecommerce platform and introduce new things to your web-store!